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Tap Into the Ancient Wisdom of Integrated Leadership

We’ve all had moments where one area of our life is working well and the others… aren’t.

We may have sacrificed our health for money,
Our relationships for success,
Our connection with Spirit for the next business.

Here’s the thing, when one area of our life isn’t working, it affects the others. But there’s another way… The Dojo.

The Dojo is a place of integrative leadership where you’re a leader, not just in your work and building profits, but in your relationships, health, & spirituality.

To do that, we work with the 4 Pillars of The Dojo...


This pillar explores your thoughts and the core beliefs that have shaped you until now. Monk is about TRUTH telling.


This pillar teaches you to vision beyond what you think is possible. Sage creates an integrated VISION for you for ALL areas of your life.


This pillar creates structure and STRATEGY. Samurai is about commitment and taking action no matter what is happening.


This pillar shows you how to live as an Integrated LEADER in all areas of your life at once, living with integrity and encouraging others.

Own your next level.

What would it look like if you learned to be successful not only in work, but in LIFE?

Tony has encouraged me to not only focus on growing my business and legacy but to not lose sight of my relationships, spiritual practice, and self care.

— Renée Tillotson,
Founder of the Still & Moving Center and
The Mindful Movement Academy

Meet Tony.

Tony Bonnici is the Founder of Zen Men and the Creator of The Dojo- Integrated Leadership.

Raised in a Buddhist Temple, having trained as a Junior Olympian in Judo, and diagnosed with dyslexia, he had to adapt and look at things outside of the box. While his businesses and revenue grew, it took the birth of his second son to realize there was more to life than making money.
He discovered the ancient secrets to building a highly profitable business without sacrificing his life.

Tony went on to generate over $5M in revenue while serving in leadership, and raising his two sons and for

the past 20 years, he has taught this method to entrepreneurs and clients around the world inviting them to enter The Dojo to develop more than just their businesses but fulfilled lives.

The kind of discipline and concentration [from Tony's coaching] paid dividends in all the other areas of my life.

— Jason Seaward,
CEO and Founder of Motion Recruitment

Ways to get started.

Whether you're interested in learning the ways of THE DOJO or getting personal 1:1 coaching, you have options.

Buy the Book.

For the first time, Tony shares The Dojo with the public. The same method that has had his clients 10x their revenue, repair their relationships, heal their bodies and develop a fulfilling spiritual connection.


Connect with Tony.

If you're an entrepreneur who is ready to increase your revenue while building a rich life, 1:1 coaching with Tony may be for you. Tony works with a limited number of clients. If you're interested, reach out to us today.

Tony is one of the most passionate men I've ever met in personal transformation both in terms of entrepreneurship and leadership. He unlocked something powerful within myself, my business, and my relationships.

— James Butler,
Founder and CEO of Reclaiming Warrior