I Work with Entrepreneurs and Senior Leaders
so You can Succeed in all Areas of Your Life.

My clients are high achievers that have invested heavily in building their business and career success. Despite this success, they are often still feel discontented on the inside and frustrated in other areas of their lives.

I work with my clients to identify what is holding them back and create tools and strategies for them to be high performing leaders in all areas of their life. Leaders in their business and home relationships, as parents and adult children, in their own health, and in designing and building their legacy. Integrated leaders in all parts of their lives.

After working with me, my clients have a deep sense of who they are and their mission in life. They have richer relationships, healthier bodies and a daily routine that helps them to perform optimally. They are in touch with their deep inner wisdom and set their goals from a place of enjoyment. From this place, they create extraordinary business results and build legacies that will last for generations.

As an Entrepreneur for the last 25 years, I have created 7 successful businesses in California and Hawaii. I have always been a competitive athlete and I have competed nationally and internationally in judo, triathlons and wake boarding. I own a judo dojo.

I have walked the journey myself of business success on the outside and frustration on the inside. I fully understand the loneliness of leadership. Ten years ago, I moved to Hawaii to be a different entrepreneurial leader – and a better father, husband and son. I have walked my own journey to Integrated Leadership and now I stand next to my clients as they walk it, too. I support and challenge my clients to grow – and I tell them the truth when few others in their life will.

I coach clients 1:1, and lead and create men’s groups and workshops for individuals and organizations.

If you are a high achiever and this sounds like you, then let’s have a conversation….