I hope everybody’s having a great day out there.


I’m pretty excited today. I’m going on an adventure and wanted to share with you.
Last year in Zen Men I focused a lot for myself on challenging myself physically by swimming a mile in the  open ocean, running a half marathon, and doing a CrossFit contest. All areas that I’m not very comfortable with, and definitely it was a stretch for me to compete and challenge myself in that.


In Zen Men, we challenge ourselves physically and spiritually, along with creating that thing that we’ve always wanted to.
This year, I’ve brought in for myself the spiritual side. I’m leaving tonight to head to Norther California to do a meditation retreat. It’s going to be six days, primarily silent. I definitely feel the edge of it of sitting in silence for six days, being offline for six days. It all just kind of stirs up everything. More up in my brain than in my body. This challenging myself spiritually like I do physically, and through doing that physically and spiritually, that I create my world.


For yourself, how are you challenging yourself physically and spiritually?


Maybe you’re not and it might be a great opportunity to take that first step.

  • What would it be to meditate for one minute a day every day?
  • What would it be to go for a 10-minute walk physically every day?


It might be a challenge for you for both of those. But the idea to get out of your comfort zone and really bring that energy, that fear and excitement to go do something that may be unknown or that you haven’t done before is totally possible. That’s what the exercise of doing these two things are all about because that thing in the middle that you’ve always wanted to create but haven’t, maybe things have gotten in the way – time or fear – that you can actually move into it with this knowledge of what happens when you challenge yourself physically and spiritually.


It is profound for me in my life to see how it works, and then I’ve had the honor of watching men for the last year create some really radical changes in their lives. From losing a whole bunch of weight, to raising money for a company, to starting a whole new career path, to really finding out that there is an athlete within them, from never having meditated in your life and after the sixth month having a 30-40-minute practice daily.


This isn’t easy. Challenging myself and to challenge yourself. I want to run a lot, but I don’t want to do it sometimes. But yet, I know in my body that it’s good for me and that it actually creates new ways of thinking and leaning into my edge isn’t as scary as it used to be.

What is that for you? If you’re interest, message me and let’s have a conversation and see what we can create together.


All right. It’s a brand-new year. 2019 Zen Men, is that you? Let’s do it.