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I thought today I would bring on a piece in Zen Men in the area of – when you’re in the Dojo, my methodology – and we go from the Monk, integrating the person, and we go to the Sage. The Sage is being the visionary.

And a lot of the questions I get around creating a goal or something impossible, or something that isn’t like even attainable – I’m going to say World Peace, that kind of thing – is we work with the place of how do you come from that place now and not wait to get there?

You’ll hear me say a lot about the goal is the place to come from, not a place to get to. And there’s a both/and with that. Yes, we want to set that one that really activates me showing up in all of my glory and magnificence, but yet, that I do need to set milestone goals for myself that reaffirm that man that I am being now.

For me, one of those is being that changemaker in education. That I get to influence and consult and coach people on making great movement in the way education is done. For me, that’s my come-from place as I’m making this video, to actually come from that place.

In Zen Men, we go through when we’re in the Sage of visualizing it every day, twice a day, to see it in the morning and feel it in your body of what that actually feels like to actually get that now. What does it feel like to create that dream job that you’ve always wanted to? What does it feel like to take your business to the next level? Maybe it’s to birth a business. Maybe being more specific on what you want to even create in the world. But you show up as that person now.

The thing that happens that I see is confusing the visualization and meditation. People will say, “Yeah, I’m doing the meditation and the visualization on a daily basis.” And they’re together. They’re actually blurred together as they come into the process.

So, I want to make the distinction and separate them both out. That they both have their value individually. To train and practice at them, it’s essential to split them up because they’re two different ways of working with energy in my body. And then, also, that one brings on a lot of stimulant, and the other can be very grounding and centering in what I’m feeling.

So, the goal, the place to come from, how do I show up like that daily? To visualize what I want to happen and feel it in my body first. In my mind and in my body. So, when I’m visualizing in the morning and I’m feeling that energy, I can actually see the first child walking across the stage and looking at me in my eyes saying, “Thank you. Thank you for what you’ve done for education.”

That lights me up emotionally and like where I get chicken skin. And so, I visualize that in the morning and I visualize that before I go to bed.

That’s not my meditation. That’s a visualization and something that I’m feeling in my body.

Then, I want to be able to sit quietly in stillness and silence, and not bring up all the energy, but yet, ground it into my gut, or my Hara, or my Na’au, whatever you want to call it. If you believe in God, that you listen to God speak to you from that place and have a relationship with that as separate from visualizing where I want to get to and my come-from place.

But you can literally feel the energy, I can feel the energy, you may be able to feel it right now on this call from me being that I’m in that energy of I’m coming from the place of being a changemaker in education.

So, let’s go into next year with a solid vision of what you want to create. What is it you want to get out of next year? I’m going to challenge to go towards the impossible. For those of you willing, go to the impossible and start to really anchor that into, like, what would that look like to have finished that actual thing? What does it look like to create a company that you’ve always wanted to? To raise money for a school you’ve always wanted to? And what does it feel like in your body to own that you’re that person that did that?

And then, go sit quietly and breathe deeply into your belly and really feel the groundedness and listen to your gut instinct on the action that can be taken. And that would tap us into that Samurai energy. We’ll go there again another time.

But I wanted to jump on, I’ve got a lot of excitement around Zen Men. I’ve been putting a lot of energy out. I’m going to challenge you, if you’re ready, if you know a man, you are the man that is ready to take that leap and invest in yourself to take your world to a whole ‘nother level, this could be ideal for you.

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Blessings. Happy holidays. Enjoy and look forward to talking to you on the phone.

All right. Aloha!