Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re having a great day.


Today is Wednesday. Let’s fire up this music.


This is your Entrepreneurial Injection. You’re daring to do things differently, outside of the box thinking.


Thanks for joining me. Short and sweet.


I’m bringing on the energy of What If?


If you’re an entrepreneur that has been creating something for the last, say, 10 to 20 years and you’re looking for that new spark, I’m bringing in the What If. What if you were to do something radically different in your company? What if you were to take your company to that next level?


For all of you that are maybe even thinking about growing a business or starting a business, what if? What would be that thing for you what if you could do it?


My example for you today is back when I was in business for about 11 years and started playing with what if? I talked to two people: Carlos Tuinstra and John Stapp. Both of those men, we played with what if?


I’ll never forget, pivotal moment in my life was talking to John Stapp about I had two employees and a business that was running. I had more free time than I probably needed. He said, “Well, what if we were to go big?” What if I was to go big and create something? What would that be?


And so, I’m like, “Well, I’d put 10 employees, I would have an auto spa where I could really do auto enhancement,” before pimp my ride was a term. That sparked me going and then talking to Carlos and saying, “Hey, what if we were to start a company together? What if we were to run this company and blow it up on all different divisions, from having over 10 different divisions in one company, having 25 subcontractors, and serving the larger Bay area with pimping a ride?”


Within the next two years that What If turned into a reality where we found a location that was right next to the biggest BMW dealership in Northern California, Marin BMW. That What If created 10 employees, Carlos managing the auto spa, taking and even growing the commercial and residential window tinting.


All started with a What If? I want to bring that online, what could you bring out today and say What If? What if I were to do this?


For me, my What If is to now create a company again, a consulting and coaching company that influences large organizations. I’m putting together a team all over again, for me the most powerful coaches and consultants that are in my sphere and around me, and I’m going for it.


What if I create a company that goes into organizations from $10 to $20 million and takes them to $100 million? What if?


I’m challenging you. I’ve got to pull up my next round of my exit music, as you guys are starting to get used to here, I think. Here it is.


Making it short and sweet. But hey, man, go out radical, create something magnificent. What if you were to create something today that was outside of your norm? Take your company to the next level? Take your relationships to the next level? Work on your body to the next level? What if you were to go swim that one-mile open water swim that I’m doing on Saturday? Woo-hoo!


You can do it. Go out and have a great time. Love you. Make it a fantastic day. What if you could?