I hope everybody’s doing well. I just wanted to jump on and say hello. I’m over here in New Zealand having a really good time, enjoying the scenery and the town. I went for a hike up a volcano.

I’m going to start the workshop tomorrow, the Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure. We’ve got 36 men coming up the mountain, and one heck of a staff of over 50 men staffing. It’s really going to be an epic time.
What’s up J.S.? I can’t wait to see you there.

I’m really feeling the energy of New Zealand, loving the energy of New Zealand. Getting out and traveling and experiencing this is just phenomenal. We’ve been on the water today. And I’m really expanding the way I’m thinking and the people I’m meeting. To travel outside of my country and enter into a new one, and experience everything has just been off the chart.

Love everybody and look forward to seeing what’s to come here with this weekend coming up. I’m going to really lean into my leadership. I have not led a weekend with this much staff and this many men going through. So, it’s a definite stretch for me, and my first international lead. I’m going for it.

I also forgot to mention, April 4th, 5th, and 6th, we’re having a New Warrior Training Adventure on the Big Island. So, all you Big Island buddies out there, or women that have men or brothers with partners, there’s a training coming up. I would highly encourage you signing up and experiencing what the work of the New Warrior Training Adventure is and what it’s all about.

For me, I’ve created a mission bigger than myself and got to start my process of empowering men all around the world, and creating the next world leaders through leading by example and vulnerability and transparency. Also, my work with being a change-maker in education and influencing the way education’s done all around the world.

My latest one that I want to brag about is Test Drive Your Future with Jim Hood. He has created this for people that are students or people wanting to create there next life and go to school, that they can actually do so where he has a program where you test drive what your outcome is going to be before you do it, and the costs that are incurred with that. I think that’s the biggest thing that I’ve learned from Jim, is that a lot of times, going to school, you incur all these costs and it could take you a lifetime to pay it back. So, looking at what that investment’s going to be upfront and choosing whether or not to go for it.

Everybody have a great day. Love all of you and look forward to jumping on another one and talking to you soon.