Aloha and happy Monday. I did this Facebook Live and wanted to share it here.

I hope everybody’s having a great start to the day. It’s just after 1:00 here at 1:45.

I’m starting out my day doing a few coaching calls, and I had a meeting with Shannon, my assistant. It’s amazing to have somebody support me in this way. I just love her and what she does for my company is priceless.

I wanted to talk to you today. A lot of you have heard me talk about mindset and achieving different goals and targets, and that sort of thing.

I had a call with Jason in New Zealand. I was talking to Jason, and six months ago, I think it was in July, we were working on him and his business, growing his business. Part of working with me is that you do challenge yourself, not only in your business, but in your spiritual practice, your body or your athletics, and also, your relationships. For me, relationships is the number one thing I see that entrepreneurs will let go as they start to thrive and succeed as an entrepreneur, or if they’re going down as entrepreneurs, that they’ll isolate themselves.

For Jason, the one that I wanted to bring in was talking about the athletic side. The athletic side, for Jason, was something that he thought about, or talked about, or thought he was in shape. An amazing boxer, and showed up in boxing and loved to box. I think in his first bout, that he won, in his mid-40’s. Early 40’s? Maybe a little older than that.

So, he took on to run a half-marathon. That was back in July and I think he was running 1.5 miles, or 1.5K, right in there. So, he put out to run a half-marathon on February 11th in Christchurch. So, he went and started training for it. As we working on his business, developing his values and mission, and creating deeper relationships with his kids, and developing a spiritual practice, he also started running.

This race was actually just last weekend. What a beautiful thing to have a call with him and connect with him after this race. We went over what it was like to be with the race, and how it correlated to his business and growing his business.

I pulled out some distinctions, and I wanted to share them with everybody because as entrepreneurs, I think you can really relate to me, and I think you’ll relate to Jason, as what it is like to build a business and create something that most people maybe not ever have created. I know as an entrepreneur, to do something different, and people say, “Do you have competitors?”

“No, man. I’m creating my own business in my own unique way.”

Allison, you’re a great example and inspiration for that for me, of creating your own style of business in your own way. The fact that you model for me, I love you for that and I’m doing that. And Jason is doing that, too.

He’s creating his own culture. His own values for his company – people, service, and integrity – that he is bringing into his company.

I think about three or four months in of doing this, then realizing his mission in life to bring families together so that – what does that mean for him to bring families together? He started with it at home with his family, and getting closer to his mom and brother, and really connecting and deepening that. And now, he’s bringing it out into the world and incorporating that into his business.

So, setting a goal or a target, or something that you want to create, a lot of times, people – I’ll say, “What do you want to create in one year of working with me? What does that look like?”

I will create something with people to challenge them. As like this marathon, it’s very much similar. And so, setting a goal that may feel impossible. I love the term that Jason used for when he said he was going to run a marathon. People winced at it, or like I’d say naysayers, or were like, “Ah, come on. Can you really do that?” Questioned it.

And even though he was getting that, he still trained and is stilling going for it, and really putting in the time and effort into it, just like in business, even though people may not see the vision in that quite yet.

He had all the reasons to quit for this race. He didn’t know if his body could handle the race, or if it was going to perform for him. But, he still continued to do it. He was constantly in the face of failure, of being like, “Am I going to fail? Am I going to fail?”

As the race got closer and closer, he felt behind. And, “Am I even training enough? Am I even doing enough? Does that still make it so that I could even do the race?”

One thing that I know that is true about Jason is that he’s committed. Commitment for me is doing what you say you’re going to do. I put up a post from Danny Page that talks about commitment. I love the way that he talks about doing anything that you say you’re going to do, you do it regardless of what’s in front of you, and you continually move forward. That’s a great post in there that Danny put up there.

Doing what he says he’s going to do, he’s going to make it happen. And so, race day comes around, it was Saturday, and we talked about how the nerves came up, and the energy in his body of fear or like, “Can I even do this?” Very nervous energy.

As he started the run, he started to see that, man, at I think it was about 8K or 9K, I think that he was starting to feel his body in different ways than he’d ever felt before. As he started to move through the race, that he actually started dealing with discomfort. His knee started to feel like it was in pain. He was like, “There’s an opportunity to quit.”

He continued to move forward even though maybe he ran and walked, but he was dealing with pain and discomfort in his body.

A lot of times, as entrepreneurs, it’s like that. It’s like, “I want to quit or give up,” things may feel hard. People say no to me all the time, and I still continue to move forward and ask for what I am creating, and reach out to people that I believe that I can truly serve.

Dealing with the mindset of where my mind wants to quit, but deep in my heart and in my Na’au, or my essence, I know what I’m called to do. Na’au is the term for like gut instinct in Hawaiian. It literally translates into gut.

The mindset of never quitting, really putting the energy and time into it to make it happen. Just like in business, those times come up more often than not for me. I witness it with entrepreneurs all the time. Even though you may have aches and pains, or doubts, or have a bad day, that you continually – never quit, never give up.

Then comes crossing the finish line. He runs the 21K, or a half a marathon. He finishes the race, regardless of how he thinks he did, but that he committed to something and that he finished it. Crossing that finish line, the elation when he crossed the finish line is just oozing out of him. Today, he was saying, “I don’t think people – they just wanted me to be quiet, probably, yesterday because of how much I was talking about it.”

That energy that comes from crossing the finish line, the energy, it is exactly the same as when you set out a target or a goal for yourself and you actually accomplish it and you actually make what you wanted to happen, happen. So, if you’re opening a business, or you’ve been in business, or you’re changing your business, that there is this sense of elation that comes over yourself.

Now, moving forward for him in business, that we can tie it directly into the goal that he set out for at the end of this year, that he can show up with that elation of that goal in the present. He can bring it to how he’s showing up to his work and his employees. Man, is it just coming strong when he tells me about how he’s showing up at work and the way he’s developing his company.

Again, even though you may have doubts in your mind, it is mindset when you’re creating and what you’re creating. So, I’m going to encourage you to set that goal or target. What is it that is out towards the end of the year? Or even, let’s go back to February right now in 2019. What would be that target you could set for yourself and go for it regardless of what anybody says? You might get people that wince at you and say, “You can’t do that. That’s not – no. Bring it down. Make it smaller. Make it more achievable.” The naysayers. And that you do one thing every day that continually moves that goal forward one step at a time.

You may have all the reasons to quit, the stories in your head. One thing I didn’t mention during Jason’s race was that he put where he said, “I had an angel with me throughout my race.”

He was speaking of a woman that actually was running at his pace and stayed with him the whole entire race, where he had support with him during the race. Where did this person come from? He didn’t know. He just met her out on the track. It was incredible that he had that kind of support and somebody alongside with him, a lot like in business when you have a coach with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, as I do with him and my other clients, that to have somebody there with you when you do want to quit, when you are listening to those stories in your head.

I know, as an entrepreneur, I’m constantly in the face of failure, like he was. My support team, and the people that believe in my vision like I do, man, it’s priceless to have that. That support that you can really have with you is important. So, build that support team. Create that support team for yourself.

It’s taken me over 10 years to build a solid team. I have to admit, I have one of the best teams that I could ever have dreamed of, and it was a dream 10 years ago to create that.

A lot of times, I’m feeling behind or like I’m not doing enough, to have the compassion for myself in my business as I’m creating that next thing that I want to really bring forward. To always keep my eye on the target, to visualize it in my mind, feel it in my body, and come from that place as I create what I’m going to create.

There’s so many times that I forget to visualize and feel in my body what I’m actually building and creating to create entrepreneurs that are rounded, or seasoned entrepreneurs, integrated leaders, that really are going to impact the world and chance it, like Jason is with bringing families together. When I hear about that with him, I mean, I get moved by it that he is, he’s making that impact in the world. I know it’s, for myself, being a change-maker in education, it’s scary. It can be right in the face of failure of, “Hey, I’ve got this big dream and I’m not even clear on it yet. But, I’m going to continually train and do one thing regularly to move it forward and build it and develop it.”

I love that goal of bringing families together, Jason. I appreciate you and honor you for continually showing up as the father to your four kids. And equally in your company, to support your company to grow and thrive in a way that is so different from the way that I believe that most entrepreneurs may create a company. It’s edgy, man. I believe in you and honor you for doing that. Thank you for going on the ride together.

Let’s see, June he has his next half-marathon. I think we’ve already got some people telling him, “Man, that’s in the cold, it’s super cold in New Zealand at that time, maybe you shouldn’t do that one. Maybe you shouldn’t, Jason.”

See, that’s the kind of – and we’re like, “Yep, it’s on. That’s the one you do.”

He set a time for 2 hours and 17 minutes to push himself, looking at what it’s like to put together a training program, enhance the way he eats, and take himself to the next level just as he is in his business.

Entrepreneurs out there, go for it. You’ve got this. Again, need any support? Would like to experience what I do? Don’t hesitate to reach out. You can private message me on Facebook.

I do have, again, Zen Men starting out for all you men out there that are wanting to take yourself spiritually, physically, and create something in six months that you may feel is impossible, it’s right around the corner. It’s not too late to bring it on right from the get-go.

Have a fantastic week. I can’t wait to hear about everybody and their adventures here. I love you, and have a great day. Aloha!