Aloha Friday.

How you doing, my peoples?

I’m shooting this video today to all my entrepreneurs out there.

As a lot of you know, I do work with a lot of entrepreneurs. Most of them with 10 to 20 years experience, and creating their fifth or sixth act or business, or wanting to grow what they’re currently up to, or their mission.

One thing that I wanted to offer to all the entrepreneurs out there as we’re coming up into a new year and what I want to offer to all of you is to raise your prices, to bring your prices up. Whether it’s by 10 to 20 to 30 percent, that you’re actually bringing your prices up on a yearly, if not biyearly, basis. In the world today, prices are always going up.

I’ll say that I was one of those guys that wanted to keep my prices the same, and really, “I’m just going to stay that way.” For like, I’d say, probably 10 years I kept in one of my businesses the same prices.

That was a major impact on me, to be able to raise it by 20 percent, and that made it that much more for the end of the year.

Then, the other piece that I was terrible at was I did not pay myself first. One of the hardest things I’ve found to do is to pay myself first. I always thought, “Well, I’ll just see what’s left over at the end and pay me.”

Man, what ended up happening is there was always usually, either, not enough, or just enough. It didn’t feel like there was some amount that I could really survive on that felt sustainable for me. So, my encouragement to you is to pay yourself first.

What is that paycheck that you want to take every week that you actually take care of yourself, and that makes your business thriving and able to sustain a happy life, and to continue what you do in this world?

Have a fantastic weekend. Aloha Friday. Make it a wonderful weekend. I look forward to hearing how you all raised your prices.

Raise your prices. Pay yourself first. But, raise your prices, AND pay yourself first.