Good morning and Aloha.

Shooting a shout-out for the New Year coming up here. I’m just feeling the energy of the New Year.

I just got back from my run. I’m not going to be able to go to CrossFit today – CrossFit All Star – knowing that I have a very full day and I’m going to get what I need to do to get my self-time in.

Yesterday, we started our first call with Zen Men – still doing enrollments until the end of the month – that time is everything, especially as an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur myself, man, I coached three or four people yesterday that time is everything.

Getting intoxicated with actually working and the thriving of working, self-time is one of the first things that went away for me. These three entrepreneurs yesterday, same thing.

I want to put out there to everybody; can you create three hours of self-time? I’m laughing as I say it because my mind still questions it as I was talking about mindset. Bro and women, I am still struggling with it. I get about two-and-a-half hours of it a day right now.

I get up, by choice, at 4:00 o’clock in the morning to meditate, and then get out and run or go to CrossFit at 5:00 AM. But, man, a half hour walk, and I’m still short by a half hour or so.

I’m leaning into this. You know, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, you can still create that time for yourself.

The way that I show up for my family and my relationships because of that self-time far exceeds doing work, man. I mean, if I take it right home, I could die tomorrow. And I’ve got kids. I’ve got a wife. Now, I’m starting to shake because I’m going to that place. But, make that time for yourself. Make that time so that you can fill your well and then go out and give that to the ones you love.

I love you. Have an amazing day. And do something that scares you.