Good morning and Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii!

I’m out here just finishing my run.

Zen Men has started up, and strong. Yesterday was our first day. We’re working on mindset and how does your mind hold you back from getting what you want, doing things that you don’t want to do, maybe?

I’m challenging all of you out there to bring that mindset to a whole ‘nother level, get uncomfortable.

I get up at 4:00 AM to do my meditation because my mind knows that it’s early, and it questions it and wants me to go back to bed.

So, I commit to getting up at that time to really work with how I show up.

In Zen Men, that’s what we’re all working on for the next six months.

Enrollment has about 30 more days before we close the doors. This is something that will challenge you more than you’ve ever been challenged.

It will ask you to show up in your world bigger than you’ve ever shown up. And commit to things that maybe your mind doesn’t want you to do, but boy, oh boy, does your soul know that it’s good for you. As I’m out here in the cold running in the dark. But, I got a full moon behind me.

Howling at the moon, baby!


Any of you wanting to play a big game in the world here coming up for this new year, and dance with the Bonnici, and a lot of other men that are making a big stand for showing up large and in charge. Making a difference in the world, showing up big, physically and spiritually challenging yourself, now’s the time.

Ladies, I want to say, you can do it, too. What is that thing you can do for yourself every day physically and spiritually? Make it a habit. Challenge yourself. Question your thinking.

Aloha and look forward to talking to you all soon.