Ahola from Hollywood Blvd!



I just finished up an amazing vacation with my two boys and my beautiful bride. I really want to take a moment to empathize taking time out for yourself and connecting with the ones that you love, and really showing them how much you love them.

I really got to do that for the last couple weeks, and I feel blessed and honored to be on this journey.

I’m headed to Rich Litvin’s Intensive next. If you are a coach or a consultant, I highly recommend going to one of his events and experiencing what it’s like to show up from a way of BEing instead of as much as a place of doing. Knowing that both are very important, and to continue to work on how you BE in the world versus only what you are DOing and things are showing up in your life.

I love you all and I look forward to seeing all my peeps at the event!

Aloha from Hollywood Blvd, and I’ll see you soon on another Facebook Live!