In this video, Mark J. Silverman and I show you some of the tools that we use when we go through our six-month Core Mastery Leadership program.

When we went to Teo Alfero’s Wolf Connection and we were walking with the wolves, Teo talked about paying attention to which “level” we were operating at. Teo explained the three levels as being in our heads, at the cognitive thinking level, the heart and emotions level, and the primal level where you feel the very air around you, the wolves, you see every ant on the ground.

The Wolf Connection was definitely a great experience to really give me a distinction in the differences between the thinking and the feelings, and then that gut intuition.

The thinking part of my brain is the part that’s going to really want to question and try to figure stuff out, and give the positives and the negatives, but can I really be aware of that, and when that’s happening inside my body, I don’t have to believe it.

All emotions are good emotions. There’s no bad emotion. Am I willing to feel it and let it pass through me and be a part of my experience instead of either suppressing it or trying to deny it?

A big one for me was going into the cages with the wolves and I was watching my mind really play out, “Are they going to like me? Am I going to get to pet them? What if they don’t come next to me?” and I’m trying to figure out everything that’s going on before I even get in there.

Mark says that when he was in the cage a wolf came and sat on his feet, and he thought, “Oh, I’m one with the wolves. They like me.” He says that those thoughts showed that he was still in his head.

In the video, we also discuss allowing the fear and going through with it anyway. And we also talk about the feeling of Na’au, or gut instinct, of that place of the knowing or the essence of who you are in every moment.

We teach these concepts because most of our clients are business people. When we talk about these concepts with our clients, they think about sitting in meditation, or yoga, or that kind of stuff. But we actually teach it because it’s practical to slow things down.

By going through the experiences Mark and I create in our workshops and mastermind groups, you really get of which is operating at what time – the head, the heart, or the gut.